About Us


Africentocl is a brokerage firm that focuses on Oil and Gas Logistics Support Services, Barge/Vessel Chartering, Marine Logistics Services, and Transport Logistics Services.

Founded in 2009 with its operational base in West Africa, the company has been involved in Maritime operations worldwide- gaining expertise in marine fuel brokerage, oil exploration, and shipping brokerage services. Africentocl is currently headquartered in London; with operations remaining in West Africa.

Africentocl, offers special sea transportation support services, oil and ores brokerage services, vessel chartering and management.

With indispensable professional knowledge and advanced technology, Africentocl, is continuously providing the best quality of services to every client. With a dual focus on maintaining consistency in business goals, and long-term relationships with business partners.


Africentocl has its vision, to be a premier partner of choice to its partners in the provision of direct services to increase optimal efficiency and also be the highest value provider in their chosen field.


Africentocl's mission is to create a seamless platform for the efficient matching of supply to demand and to be a contractor of choice to clients through a partnership built on integrity, quality service, efficiency, and speed.